ZT40 4M SF DS RF – Hydraulic operator for swing gates with leaf up to 4m

ZT 40 4M SF Swinging Gate Operator

Hydraulic operator for swing gates with leaf up to 4m, ideal for intensive and continuos use.
Equipped with anti-crush system with sensitive by-pass valves calibrated during installation.
This immediately cuts the hydraulic oressure in the event of obstacles to ensure maximum system safety.
The operator have front and rear mountings to enable screw assembly also on wood, PVC and alluminium gates.The articulated fork rear flange ensures flexible and sturdy assembly on the pillar.
Manual key release located on the upper part of the operator in the event of mains power supply failure.
Double valve flow adjustment device for regulating gate opening and closing speed.
Compensates for the unbalanced loads created by wind and out of plumb installation of very light and medium gates.
Model SF DS without lock for leaf up to 4m with electrik lock and double slowdon.


– Power supply : 230V
– Absorbed power max. : 250W each motor
– Max thrust force : 5650N
– Opening time : 17s
– Max wing width without electric lock : 4m
– Max rod stroke : 275mm
– Anti-crush system : valve by-pass
– Protection class : IP55