REFLEX – Polarised reflection photocell

REFLEX - Polarised reflection photocell


Rapid to install (wall-mounted or on a supporting column) as it only requires wiring to one side of the gate.
The round reflector must be installed on the other side at the same height as the photocell.
Alignment of the photocell is very easy : thanks to the analogic alignment LED, it is easy to detect the best position.
There is an optional guard to protect the reflector against knocks and splashes.



– Power supply of the receiver : 24Vdc/Vac
– Max absorbed power : 3 W
– Activation time : 20ms
– Max operating distance : 12m nominal
– Light rejection : 20000lux
– Operating temperature : -15° + 70°C
– Application field : Using only protected enviroment
– Protection rating : IP45