ER4N – Modulated infrared photocell for wall-mounted.

ER4N - Modulated infrared photocell for wall-mounted


The ER4N package contains one infrared transmitter photocell and one infrared receiver photocell.
The photocells are housed inside a box made from high-power infra-red filter plastic.
The housing has a waterproof rubber seal.
The photocell can be welded or or screwed to a post or mounted directly to a wall using the plugs and screws provided.
The connecting cables can be inserted through the back or through the bottom of the box as the case requires.



– Power supply : 20÷30Vdc, 24Vac 50Hz ± 10%
– Absorbed power : Max. 3 W
– Operating distance : Max 20m
– Detecting resolution : 3 cm at each point
– Responce time : 20ms
– Operating temperature : -15 ÷ +70°C
– Humidity : <90% non condensing
– Light rejection : 20000 lux
– Protection rating : IP45